H1B transfer - extension question


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My 6th year of H1 started this October. I-140 approved last year.

My current H1 is expiring on Nov-30th.

I have an accepted an offer from company2. Company2 will be filing my H1-transfer in premium this week as all the documentation is complete.

Current employer will also be applying for H1 extension next week without premium processing.

I do not want to give notice until I have approval H1-transfer for company2. There is a possibility that approval for company2 comes in 3rd week of November.


Scenario#1: If I do not take the job with company2 and continue with current employer, I understand it is okay.

Scenario#2: If I take the job with company2, I may have to provide the notice period from 2 weeks to a month. This means that my last working day for current employer may have to be well into December. I am not sure if this is okay; because I will be working for current employer on basis of H1-extension receipt. But as I do not continue there any more and the H1-extension petition will be withdrawn.

What will be status of work I performed in December?

Would it be safer to apply for H1-extension with current employer in premium as well?


Please advice.

Thank you.

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