What is my Status H1B or H4 and Is stamping Required?


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I arrived in the US in Jan 2014 on H-4 and I-94 # (ABC123)


I had applied for H1-B COS in April through two employers.

Here are the timelines for the approvals and my travel.


1) H1B COS Approval received for Company-A: 26 Sep 2014 ( I-94 # ABC123)

2) H1B COS Approval received for Company-B: 04 Oct 2014   (I-94 # ABC123)


3) I left the US & entered Canada: 04 Oct 2014 (H-1B not stamped)

4) I left Canada & entered the US: 06 Oct 2014 ((H-1B not stamped)) Same I-94 # Issued (ABC123)


Note: I-94 # is same through out from Day 1, even with this Exit and Re-entry to USA.




1) I want to know what my current status in the US is (H1-B or H4)?


2) If I want to start working, do I need to get my stamping done? (If yes, can I go to Canada?) 


3) Does my employer need to run my payroll as soon the approval is received? Or, is there a time till he can wait (my SSN hasn't been generated yet) as I got my documents last week.


4) In Case my H1B stamping is denied in Canada, can I re-enter US on H4 Visa or need to travel back to India from there?



It is my first time H1B Stamping and I am in US on H4 Visa.


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