Do I need to Re-stamp my F-1 Visa after a Transfer?


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I came to the US in 2012 on an F-1 Visa. 6 months into my graduate program, I decided to transfer out to another university in January 2013. I followed all procedures and had my SEVIS information also transferred to the new school. Since then, I have graduated (May 14) and obtained employment on OPT. I plan to visit my home country and return back to the States in a couple weeks. However, I did have one problem. My F-1 visa (valid until 2017) still shows the name of my old university and not the newer one. Will I need to restamp my visa when I get back home, so that it displays the most up to date information?


Most people tell me that my current stamp, EAD and valid I-20 should be enough proof upon re-entry. On the flip side, some people tell me that I will be deported if I don't bring the most recent F-1 stamp to the US. I'm worried that I will be asked difficult questions during my re-stamping and possibly be terminated from my F-1.


Please help!

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