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I had my H1 filed in april 2014.It wasnt picked in the lottery. Now I have a couple of questions regarding my visa status. It would be very helpful if you can help me out here.
My Opt extension is ending on may 15, 2015. 
My Visa is expiring on June 15 , 2015.

I should apply for H1 in april 2015.

Case 1: What happens if my I get H1. Will my F1 status be extended till Sep 30th or do I need to step out of the country?

Case 2: My H1 doesnt get picked. Can I start some college in May and stay in US or do I need to step out of the country to get a new F1 visa?

Case 3: I dont get a decission till the visa expiry date? what happens? 

and are there any other cases?

Please help me out and suggest me safety measures that i can take .


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