Change of employer with intial H1b approval and new job with Different description/and occupation.


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 I am on H4 status currently. And a consulting employer XYZ filed my H1b as Data Analyst which is in RFE currently. 

 Assuming my H1b is approved in next 3 months and XYZ employer may not have the job in hand for me currrently because of the RFE time spanning issues.

 I found another employer BETAGAMMA who is offering a pharmacist job, which I am eligible with having all necessary licensing requirments. 

My questions in this event:

1) Can I transfer H1b from XYZ Data Analyst position to H1b Pharmacist position with BETAGAMMA employer.??

2) or is it better to apply change of status from H1b of XYZ to H4 and then changing status to H1B Pharmacist position with BETAGAMMA employer.



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