Cap exempt H1B visa


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I am a Physical Therapist and currently on H4 visa. I recently got a job offer from a hospital which is a non-profit organization. They are ready to sponsor my H1B visa. I had a question regarding filing of this visa. Can they file non-cap H1B visa for me (hospital being non-profit) or do I have to wait until next April ?


Thanks in advance !

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Thank you for your feedback !


I am in CA. In order to get CA state license for PT, I need SSN. After H1B approval, I can apply for my license, but have to work as PT license applicant (PTLA) for nine months first. Now, my question is-  How will they apply for my H1B (as a PTLA or PT)?

Also, how much does it cost in total to file non-cap H1B?


Appreciate your response !

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