H4 to H1 COS- From when is my H1B Active?


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I came to US on H4 Visa in Jan 2014 and Applied for H1B which got approved. Now I have few questions and would appreciate if someone can clear my doubt.



1- Is my current status H4 or H1B?

2- USCIS still shows my orignal I94 number which was issued in Jan 2014 when I entered US on H4 Visa? 

3- How I will come to know that I am on h1B visa now and how govt comes to know that I am on H1B or H4 as USCIS site shows my H4 under the I 94 which was issued to me when I entered US in Jan?

4- What all documents are required to file SSN? 

5- Filing SSN makes govt notified that I have switched from h4 i visa to H1B with ABC company?

6- Is there a grace period given officially to make this Switch from H4 to H1B? or Its automatically COS from h4 to h1b with approval of H1B pertition?

7- Is there anything I need to take care to have a smooth transition from h4 to H1B?



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1. Was this your first cap subject H1B petition that was filed in April 2014 and did your I797 has an I94 attached to it? If your answer is YES to both then you are on H1B status from Oct 1st.

2. I94 number will remain the same. Check your I797 whether it has I94 or not.

3. Refer 1 & 2.

4. Passport and approval notice.

5. Refer 1.

6. You have 60 days to report to employer.

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