Will holding an unused F1 visa create any problem while attending a H1B visa interview?


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I live outside the US and work for an MNC. I had plans of doing my MS in the fall this year (2014) and got my F1 visa stamped in the month of May (2014). Later I had a change of mind and decided to continue at my work.So, I just deferred my admission to Spring (2015) as I found it hard to let my admission go away. Meanwhile, H1B petition that was processed by my employer was Approved by USCIS and I'm now planning to attend a H1B interview this week. I'm more inclined towards H1B. I would like to know


1. Have I violated any immigration laws? Is it legal to attend two interviews in the same year?

2. What are the possible issues that I would face during my H1B visa interview?


Note: I have not traveled using my F1 visa

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