No Experience Letter and No Affidavit available-Urgent


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Hi ,


My ex-employer is demanding money for experience letters.He is not responding to my emails.He placed me at the client location where none of the employees\colleagues are from my employer company. I am the only person from my employer working at this specific client.


I dont know any other person from my employer company.


One of my colleagues(Not from my employer company) is ready to provide affidavit as per my request.


1.Can he provide affidavit ?

2.Do I need to take the affadavit only from people who works for my employer company ? 



Please suggest. I was asked by USCIS to submit my experience letter :( 

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You need to show your efforts like unanswered emails to former employer as a proof that employer is not issuing you the experience letter. 

Once you establish that, you can get the experience letters from the colleagues you worked with irrespective whether they work for your employer or not. He needs to mention clearly how he knows you, in which capacity you worked together etc.

Such experience letter if provided on your colleagues' company's letter head, it's considered as good as experience letters from employer. 

If not able to provide on company's letterhead, then ask your friend to notarize the experience letter. Have him mention his complete contact details.

If not able to notarize, please have your colleague mention your experience along with complete contact details.

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Do this thing first:

Ask your employer for 'employer verification letter' in email. Follow up three times in 3 days gap. This will make sure that you tried to ask to your employer first, but they are not responding. You can give all this email proof to your GC attorney too.


Get EVL from you colleague at your client side. As long as he/she certifies you start-end date, technologies you worked on, and being your colleague/ manager, you are good.  

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