Getting married to US citizen


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Hello Everyone,


First of all thank you members for your great help. 


I am on H1 visa and have valid I-797 till July-2016 but visa stamp has already expired. I am flying to India in Dec to get married and my fiancee is a US citizen. I am kind of lost on what is the best approach to get my visa stamped. I have got only one month vacation time and might lose my project if I get stuck during visa stamping.


1) Should I continue with H1b or try another visa to enter US?

2) Will I still be able to work for my employer because of valid I-797 if I enter in US through another visa stamp?


Please suggest if anyone has any better approach. Court marriage in US is not an option because my fiancee doesn't want two wedding dates(  girls and their dates :)  )


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I have heard a lot of cases where they get married to US citizen and the person marrying is stuck in India for some time before they get there visa stamped. I would be better to stay with your current H1B and get the respective visa stamping.


Come to the US get married in the court and start your process here. Once, it is complete and you have received the necessary approval you then exit the country and get the stamping.


Please note: This is not legal advice. You should consult an immigration attorney and get the best legal advice to help your case.

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