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Dear Team,


I am working on L1b visa and I have applied for H1b 2014 and it got approved. Due to some personal emergency I need to travel to India. 


I have copy of my H1b petition and with I-94 and also I have another i-94 for my L1 VISA.


At the time of departure I need to submit both I-94 or I have to submit only I94 which comes from H1b VISA.


I have another question: I dont have original i-94 with me, Can I submit copy of I-94 (H1b) at the time of departure?


My employer told, my family doesn't have I-94 document (L2 to H4 COS), they have to use my I94 only. is this statement correct?


Please advice


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the reply. My employer told they have applied for H4. I will check with them again.


Is it sufficient to submit photo copy of I94 or I need to submit the original I94 comes from I-797A?


Please advice.

Submission of I94 is no longer required as everything is online now. Submit everything you have, even if it is a photocopy.

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Wanted to share my 'I94 attached with I797' experience at Visa interview.


This June I went to New Delhi consulate for H1b visa interview. I had original I797 with I-94 attached. (I forgot to surrender this I94 at airport while exiting). VO asked me few questions assuming that I am going to US first time. When after 4-5 minute I told them I am currently working for this employer in US for last 1 year, it just took 1 min more to get visa approved. She looked at the I94 in I797 and told you should have returned it at airport. Lesson learned: I797 without I94 will help VO to safely assume that you already have been to US, and most likely working for the same employer in US. 

Though its online now, its better to return all paper I94 at POExit.

I know that the I94 when you fly in is online. But the online I94 changes your visa status too after COS, that's question to verify.

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