URGENT - Using old approved, valid, unused petition to change employer in USA.. possible?


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I got an approved H1 petition from Employer A while I was in India.

Then I got another approved H1 petition from employer B and then travelled to USA on that petition (employer B).

Now, my job with employer B in USA is about to be over and I am trying to find another employer in USA.

My old petition with employer A is still valid not cancelled(not revoked).

Question 1:
Can I use the same old petition and start working for employer A right away?
Are there any complications involved?

Question 2:

Does employer A need to file a new LCA if I want to join them on an already existing approved H1B?
Can I simply join them and get the payroll started?


Please let me know urgently as I have very limited time left to make decision..

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