H1b Visa Stamping Experience in Jamaica (10/10/2014)


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I had my VISA interview yesterday (10/10). I was given a white slip which pretty much says your VISA is approved and your passport will be MAILED within 4-5 business days. There is no more passport pick-up business from 10/09/2014 in Jamaica. They either ask you to pickup from DHL courier or else your passport will be MAILED to your hotel address if your visa is approved. I don't have 100% clarity on the VISA delivery process yet..But when I asked the VISA officer, I was told that your passport will be MAILED. For my friend who had the VISA interview same day, he was told that passport can be picked up from the DHL courier office but no pick-ups at embassy location anymore.. My VISA is approved but I am still skeptical about my VISA approval confirmation until I get my passport (standing on my toes..). 


My experiences about H1b Visa stamping so far in Jamaica - 


Weird Case: My Friend got his VISA approved on 10/6/2014 and he was asked to come back (emailed him) and he was given 221g. The VISA officer told next day  that they would need more time to investigate the case. This is very ridiculous as they are giving 221 gs even after approving the VISA over the counters.. These cases are being heard very frequently now-a-days. Until your passport is delivered to your address you can't be sure if your VISA is approved. 


I see people talking about Jamaica as an easy destination to get the H1b VISA approved but to be very honest guys, I have seen people who got approvals and I have seen people who got 221gs and struck here for more than 3 weeks till date and no updates still from Jamaica embassy. It totally depends on your luck. 


Guys - I am just putting my experience in words. It's your decision whether to come or not come. It's your luck and mood of the VO on the day of your interview. But, I suggest be prepared, in case if you are struck up make sure your client/employer is OK for you to stay here in Jamaica for 3-4 weeks or more until you get your 221g cleared.


When I went to my VISA interview, I was sitting in the hall next to counters for about an hour and here is my analysis about the US VISA officers - 


There are 5 counters here (18, 19,20, 21,22) 

A White young lady officer with specs. She is asking 5-10 questions and approving the VISA. Visa interview time with this lady will be around 8-10 mins. She is giving 221gs once in a while (depends on the case again)

An aged  white lady. Very tough, Interview time is around 10-15 mins and giving a lot of 221gs 

An young good looking lady. She is approving VISA to everybody. No 221gs. Interview time is 1-2 mins.

A Korean guy. Little tough and giving 221gs to the people once in a while. Interview time is atleast 5 mins.

A white guy, young aged, wearing spectacles. He is little easy and has been approving VISA asking only few (3-5) questions.


221 G Cases:


The embassy is very crowded with a lot of Jamaicans applying for US VISAS with very poor documentation, looks like these VO's are very exhausted with them and denying at least more than 90% of their VISAS. Jamaicans are making them frustrated by arguing with VO's for denying their cases. Now, next in line when we (Indians) go to VISA interview they are either giving VISAs asking few basic questions or issuing 221gs without any proper reasoning. 


Experiences from the people (Indians) whom I met outside embassy and who got 221gs - 


The funny thing here is - for the people whom I met (5 of them) outside the embassy, VOs returned their passports & I797 and have given pink slips. They were not asked for any documentation so far from last 3-4 weeks. I don't know what kind of verification they are doing without any documentations..this is the most worrying part with 221gs.


I think I have explained all my experience so far - meeting the people who got 221gs and also people who got their VISA approved..I am just trying to help you guys.. NOT here to suggest you anything...Take your own decision based on the experiences I have shared.

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Hello ppl,


I totally second 'Newbie'. I have also read posts on this forum saying that posts related to 221g being issued in Jamaica are false. They might be false but there are genuine cases also. I have come across almost about 10 instances where people were genuinely given 221g. Few of them have been waiting since 3 weeks, others for weeks and few days now. In all these cases, there was no particular reason given for issuing 221g. Most of these people have been interviewed by the same VO officer (a white lady in late 30's or mid 40's).


On researching properly, it looks like there have been 221g's being issued on a regular basis in Jamaica. We were few of the unlucky one's who have been punished with 221g for no proper reason. These people do not take passport or any document after issuing 221g and I do not see a point of verfification without any documentation of the individaul.


You are welcome to consider this post to be misleading information as well. But who ever is coming for their stamping in Jamaica, come with an open mind even if you have proper documentation. There are people genuinely waiting for their cases to be resolved from administrative pending. Please do not come with a blind dream that visa would be approved come what may. That is false ! We are trying to help people NOT SCARE ANYONE OR SPREAD FALSE NEWS ! Make sure you speak to people directly who visited Jamaica for stamping before you visit Jamaica. 


Good Luck !

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Can you elaborate more on the 2 lengthy paragraphs you have posted here? We have yet to come across more 221G cases being reported in jamaica, bigges issue being you are NOT interested at all in reporting your employment details, i hope you are genuine in your postings because false rumors are NOTHING but a waste of everyone's time.

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