Hot topic - Passport delivery @Jamaica!!! Is it true or false?


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Hi Guys,


             The most hot topic running in this forum since yesterday as everyone knows.

Mr.Pattis had posted, that he was told by vo that his passport will be delivered to hotel. I hope he will reply to his thread as soon as he gets his PP.


So, to make sure.


Guys who all went to visa from 10/09 onwards, please post your experiences. There makes a lot of difference for the people who are planning to Jamaica for visa stamping. we just don't want to rely on one post. Your experiences will help everyone who are planning to Jamaica. I would appreciate you for taking time to write here. This will reduce panic, save time, save lot of money and mental peace.

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Who all went to Jamaica after Oct 9th , Can u pls confirm to this question abt passport delivery. That would be great help.



Yes, This is true, They would be mailing to the address which you have mentioned while booking the visa appointment date.  In most of the cases it is Kingston DHL address. And the normal processing 4-5 business days.


What ever has been posted regarding 221G is also true. No Need to worry unless you have perfect documentation and plan. It is same US embassy anywhere in the world, So plan accordingly. 

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