H1 Approved But Passport Delay coz of PIMS


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I got my h1 stamping approved on october 7th. But passport has been delayed.

When i finally could speak to the embassy today, they said:-


Your receipt number/petition wasn't updated in PIMS system so we had to physically enter it.

and it hasn't been updated yet. It generally get updated in 2 days but this week we see this problem.


Also, they said this weekend is a long weekend, so no matter what I have to wait at leas until TUE or WED for any updates to be seen..



Please help me guys, is this a uncommon problem ?

Will this give me any trouble?

Is the fault on my side or lawyer or noone?




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I recently had my appointment on Wednesday, 8th in Ottawa and already got my passport Stamped with the visa. Before, I left for the appointment I read a lot about PIMS on a lot of forums and also inquired with my immigration lawyer if this is a concern and they needed to send any documents from there end to make sure that this will not delay any processing.


They informed me that they cannot do anything and they will let me know if I am in the system or not when I go for the appointment. There is nothing to worry about. This is a normal process that they have to validate your information in the system.


It is unfortunate that this is a long weekend. I was not aware about it as well and then realized it when I spoke to a friend in Canada. Hopefully you will get some result back by next week. Just sit tight and hold to hear back. Nothing to worry about. 

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Hi all,



MY status has been changed from "Ready" to "Administrative Processing".


I hope thats a good news that its one step forward....really can't afford staying here anymore.



@ Bids23 - I havent gotten the passport yet.

@Sirohi 101- I called to the Ottawa Consulate where i went for interview. got their phone number from their website. 



Will keep u all updated.

Thanks to everyone of u

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