H1B approved. Procedure for H4


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I am curretly in L1 and my new H1B (with new employer) got approved in USCIS site.

But I haven't seen my H1 approved petition.


I got project and planning to resign my current company this week.


Now that before I resign :-

  - Do I need to see the approved H1 peition (to make sure start date and other information is correct)

 - How to convert my dependents from L2 to H4. Do I need to stay in current company until I apply for their H4?


Kindly advice.

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You need to know the detail of the H1B petition, most importantly, was is approved as a change of status, and if so, when does/did the new status begin. If you received an I-797B you will be required to enter the U.S. pursuant to an H1B visa prior to initialing that status and work authorization. Once you know these answers it is advisable to schedule a consult with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney to discuss your options.

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