Travelling while GC is on its way


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I had my marriage based interview one Oct 1st, and I got approved.


Just yesterday on Oct 6th, I received the Welcome Notice, confirming the adjustment of status. Today I noticed the status changed to "On October 7, 2014, we mailed the new card directly to the address we have on file.".


I was wondering if there is a big risk in travelling without the GC, and have it later brought to me (while abroad) by my brother. The reason for me wanting to do this, is because my father is fighting a terminal tumor and I would like to be close to him as soon as possible.


While searching online, I noticed most lawyers suggest to actually wait on receiving the physical card in hand, and/or optionally asking for an INFOPASS appointment and asking to receive a stamp. While other people (like me, non-laywers) say that it's not really a big deal and that it's doable.


- Do the immigration officers ask for showing a GC when leaving the US?

- Assuming that something could happen, let's say mail with GC gets returned back as undelivered ... would I be able to appeal/call from abroad. I don't have an immediate return date, so I wouldn't mind dealing with the embassy if that would be the case.



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First thing, there is no need to worry now that your GC is on the way. You can go visit your father without GC. No one will ask about GC while exiting US.


At POE while entering US if you don't have physical GC in your hand, you can tell the same to IO. They will check the system, give you temporary GC stamp and let you enter US.


You could take the Info-Pass appt right now and get the GC stamped on your passport. But not sure, how much time you have before going to see your father.


After coming back to US, you can get physical GC.


I am not sure whether your brother would receive the physical card in your absence or he could / should carry it outside of US to deliver it to you.

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There would not be a problem LEAVING the U.S. The issue is returning.


If the physical card is received after departure, someone could transport the card. The concern has to do with what would happen if the card got lost in the mail or otherwise delayed.


While the POE would have a number of options, in order to get to the POE, it is necessary to be allowed on the plane. Without proof of a valid way to enter the U.S., the airlines won't allow boarding. There is a way to handle this----it is necessary to apply for a boarding foil at the appropriate consulate (this was previously a transportation letter.)

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