Dependents travel on H4 while H1 transfer is inprogress


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My H1 is currently under transfer process from emp1 to emp2. My wife and kid have H4 stampings from emp1. I have gone through previous threads and understand its not an issue to travel with an H4 obtained using emp1. They have their tickets booked in couple of weeks(end of the month) to travel from India. This will be their first visit as dependents. I will be starting my work with emp2 in two weeks time. 


Question is, Can they travel while my H1 is still under transfer process? or Should they need to wait until the transfer is approved? Would there be any issues for their travel if my petition is not approved or still in progress while the travel? 


I am hoping to have an approval by the time they travel, since its premium processing. Should they use the approval from Emp1 at the POE regardless of my transfer approval for emp2? or simply, What employer should they use to travel?




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