H1B for MBA from for profit university


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    I have a friend pursuing his MBA from a for profit US university. Will that affect his H1B chances? I know it will not be considered in the 20000 cap for Masters, but can he compete in the 65000 regular H1B quota? If not, what are his options?

Also, he had to terminate his masters due to an XE grade in MS. He returned to his country and came back on another SEVIS for his MBA. Will that affect his prospects of his new Visa? Any inputs or comments on how to handle this situation will help. 


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@jairichi-thanks! Yes, I understand that. But he mentioned earlier that he cannot use his MBA for H1 approval. So am a little confused- is he talking about just the masters cap or the 65000 in general? Again, I know that he cannot use for master's quota.

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@rahul412 & @jairichi- Thank you! Do you think he cannot even get H1B under the general 65000 quota? I understand he cannot fall under the 20000 masters cap. 


For an H1, he has to have a degree in the field of work. Where would this MBA come in there?

Is he a manager? If so, then he hasn't managed his own situation very well, as going to a for-profit institution shows.

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