2014 PERM Data Says Case is DENIED.Employer Says it's Not True.


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My EB3 PERM was filed in 06/2014. 

Today I went through the 2014 PERM Disclosure Data (3rd Quarter) from FLC Data Center, and I saw my case number. The case status says DENIED and decision date is June 20, 2014, the same date as my case filed. 

I called my employer and told him about the status I saw in disclosure data. He said it is not true because he checked the online status of my case and he confirmed that it is still in process and also he didn't receive any email from labor department. 

Has this happened to anyone here? opinions? advice? 

Thank you.

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This is what I am doing for my own case. I know the case no. This morning only I sent an email to DOL FOIA unit to send me the approved PERM. Though my I-485 is applied, I was never given certified copy of PERM. So why worry if DOL gives to us under FOIA law.


I heard that they send the papers within few weeks. If you have the case no, just contact DOL FOIA unit and ask them to send you the PERM. Once you receive the PERM, you would know if it's denied or certified.

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