H1B petition going to be revoked, H1B Transfer is possible ? Is it Cap Excempt?


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I am new to this forum so please bare me if I would have posted at wrong place.


Here is my situation :

  1. I got approved H1B petition in July-13, with validity till September-2016.
  2. I went for Stamping in August-13, where Consulate has given Blue Slip - 221 G and informed that petition being returned to USCIS for review and possible revocation. Consulate also took the original petition.
  3. On September,2014, my employer received NOIR, with some problem with employment.
  4. Now employer is not appealing and informed me that they are going to revoke it.


Now, I want to understand below :


  1. Is it possible to do H1B transfer ?
  2. Am I Cap Exempt ?
  3. How does this Revocation impact me in future for H1B transfer and stamping.


Waiting for experts opinion, this will help me ....


Thanks a lot in advance....


- Amit

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