Successful H1-B Approval - September 29 2014, Ottawa, Ca


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Since this site helped me in prepping for my interview, I would like to share my Visa Stamping Experience for others.



  • MSEE from a top US University
  • Full-time employee for a reputed Boston area Hi - Tec Manufacturing firm
  • 2nd H1-B stamping - 1st is India

Appointment - US Embassy, Ottawa, 29 Sep 2014, 7:30am


Drove from Boston to Ottawa on 28 Sep 2014 - 7 Hr drive. Crazy traffic in Montreal. Take the bypass if you can. Crossed border near St. Albans, VT.


Stayed in Courtyard Marriott - 5 mins walk from the Embassy. Expensive. But clean and in a nice happening location. plenty of restaurants and bars.


Appt at 7:30am. Reached Embassy by 7:10am. Was let in immediately after outdoor security checks. Another checkpoint inside the Embassy. Similar to airport check. Remember NO backpacks, laptops cell phones, flash drives etc. Just carry your documents folder.


Sat in the waiting area for 10 mins before a women showed up and asked us to form a line for initial checks on the passport and  DS confirmation.


Directed to Counter 7 after initial checks. You hand over pass port and DS confirmation + I-797. A token number and a yellow folder with your passport and DS confirmation + I-797 is handed back to you. is provided and you wait again in the waiting area.


15 mins later called to counter 6 for Biometrics. Returned to the waiting area. 


VO called "waved" my token number from his window in less than 10 mins. This VO was not calling your name on the PA system like the others. So, keep a close eye on the windows to see if he is waving your token number.




ME: Good Morning. How are you doing today?

VO: Good Morning.


ME: Passed the yellow folder to the VO

VO: Glanced at the passport and I-797 and returned the I-797 back to me. 


VO: Took a minute with his screen and looked at me once.


VO: What does your company do?

ME: Explained


VO: How long have you been working for them?

ME: It will be XXX years in October


VO: Do you work in house or a client?

ME: In - house as a direct employee. We don't have clients. We sell directly to our customers


VO: Where did you work before XXX?

ME: YYY for a few years and they merged with ZZZ


VO: What did they do?

ME: Explained


VO: Very good. (Gives me a piece of paper with instructions on how to track the passport). Your passport will be ready later in the week and here are instructions on how to track it.

ME: Thanks. Have a nice week.


That's it. Not even a single document asked for. Just passport, I-797 and DS-160 confirmation. In and out of the Embassy in 45 minutes.


I don't think there is any particular mantra for successful stamping. Be honest and talk confident. As long as you have genuine responses to his questions you are good. This VO approved 2 other Visas before mine. Nice guy in his 40's (only guy standing while the other was sitting).


I did see the VO in the next window grilling someone who works in IT with a non - IT US degree. The VO was asking for a lot of documents. Not sure how that interview ended though.


Finally, haven't received any feedback from Loomis yet. Plan to spend the rest of the day site seeing Ottawa and get some work done. Hopefully passport is ready by 30th Sep or 1st Oct.



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Guys, got an email from Loomis today. Will grab it tomorrow at the Ottawa location and drive back to the Boston area!


Here is the final time line:


Monday 09/29:       Intw at 7:30am

Wednesday 10/01: CEAC status "Issued" at 3pm

Wednesday 10/01: Loomis pickup confirmation email at 5:30pm

Wednesday 10/01: Loomis "In facility" confirmation email at 7:pm

Thursday 10/02:     Pickup Passport at 8am    


Good luck to the rest of the folks on this forum!!

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