Help regarding differences in Names in birth certificate, passport and SSN. USCIS needs evidence...

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It would be of great help if anybody can point me in the correct direction.  I recently went through family based green card.  Below mentioned is the issue came up:


My name in birth certificate:  v. Ramakannan

My name in passport:  Ramakannan ( Given Names) ,  Surname is empty

My name in Visa / SSN:   Rama  Kannan         ( First name: Rama , Last name:  Kannan)


On the interview, they asked me to submit the below mentioned before December 10th of this year:


Furnish proof from cival authority that your name has been legally changed from V. Ramankannan to   Rama Kannan


Actually speaking i did not change the name but due to inconsistent information entry the situation has become like this.  If i have to show this evidence what should i do?  Has any of you or your friends encountered this situation?  Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thanks Again..

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