Change of Status from L1B to H1B


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I am currently working on L1 visa (visa already expired last year but I-94 is valid till March 2015) with Company A. There is another company B that has applied H1B visa (along with COS) for me in April this year (through CAP 2015), the new visa has been approved and I would be working with Company B in few more weeks from now (it would not be October 1st, but may be October 20th or so).


My few questions are :


1) Although, it may take few more weeks for me to join Company B, will the change of status (from L1B to H1B) happen immediately on October 1st? or will the status change effective only after I join Company B? 


2) Secondly, Company B also applied dependent H4 visa for my wife (along with my H1B) and it has been approved too. She is currently working on L2 visa. So, in her case too, will the change of status (from L2 to H4) happen immediately from October 1st? or can she continue working for a few more weeks till I join Company B?




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