PIMS update issue while go for H1B stamping in Tijuana, Mexico,


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You should be sure your I 797 updated in the PIMS system otherwise your passport delivery will delay  1 day.


I have visited Tijuana, mexico for my H1B extension, while I go for interview they written as a note on my DS 160 (sticky note) "PIMS not displayed", it means your I 797 not updated in the PIMS system (it might be the reason I have done my extension through premium ). VO officer has approved my visa, she mentioned I can collect the passport next day, I went there but I didn't get on next day , it was Friday, so I waited upto next working day that is Monday, collected it crossed the boarder San Yasindro without any issue.


I hope this might helpful for any one looking for PIMS issue. I always suggest go to Mexico for VISA stamping with proper documents.




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