Employment dates on I-797 and I-129 not matching?


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Your employer could ask USCIS to issue the corrected I-797 approval copy. It happened with me twice, but my lawyer said that should be fine. I didn't face any problems as such. But that's just my case and experience.

I too see the same issue on my LCA. Do you think I should get it corrected? I have my interview in a couple of weeks.

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To get a corrected copy of I-797A, you need to file I-824 and it would take more than couple of weeks to get the new copy. Instead of that, if you have a proof (like H1b receipt notice) that your H1b petition was filed before your I-94 expired, you would be all set. Don't give this a lot of thot now and go get your visa. Let us know when you get visa. Best luck!

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