Successful H1b stamping @Vancouver on Sep 23, 2014.


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Hello all,


Thanks for posting all your experiences. Below are the list of questions and documents asked during interview.


1. Is this your first H1B?
2. Who is your employer?
3. What is your role and responsibilities?
4. Who is your end client? 
5. Do you work at the end client location?
6. Who is your prime vendor?
7. What is your highest level of education?
8. In which field?
9. What is your major in Bachelor's?
10. Do you have any problems with your employer?
11. How long you are working with your petitioner?
12. How long you are working with Prime vendor?
13. When did you graduated from master's?
14. How frequently you get paid?
Documents asked:-
1. LCA
2. ****** Letter
3. Driver License
4. Pay stubs
5. Prime vendor letter
6. Email screenshots
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@Hello all...I didn't get a chance to reply back to your questions early..Below are my answers


******Letter means the VLetter and The Employer Letter in EVC model..Email screenshots means print the emails from your work email id just to show as a proof that you work at the client specified if you don't have the Client Letter©.


@Aaman786..I received my passport on Thursday morning and fly back to USA on the same day...I had an issue with the PIMS update but they mentioned that it will resolve in 1 day and it did. It took the same amount of time for my first stamping as well.


@Vinayk2766..Just mention that you don't have license.

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