H1B transfer, need to apply for fresh/new H4 visa for wife


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I recently transferred my H1b visa from A employer to B employer, i have got the approved I797 /I94 approved upto 2017.  I have my previous employer visa stamped till 2016 on my passport. 


I am getting married in NOV'14 and need to initiate my wife H4 visa, please let me know if i can start filling DS 160 form for her now. If yes, can i furnish my passport to US consulate in Mumbai with previous employer visa stamp on passport along with new I797 approved copy, paystubs and offer letter of my new employer and get her H4 visa stamped or do i have need to go fro stamping so that my visa reflect the new employer presence.


Please advise and help me out.


Thanks for your help and support.

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