Can I travel India with L1B to L1A COS processing with RFE status:


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Travel abroad while Visa is in COS processing with RFE status:

Hi murthy firm!

I m having a L1 B visa which is valid till Mar'2015 & I-94 till march 2016, and recently I applied for L1A visa as a change of status. Right now it got into RFE status.

Can I or my wife (who is my dependent on L2) whose status change also processed along with mine, can travel to India for a short vacation and answer the RFE after our return? What are the possibilities of COS can get denied because of this travel plan?


If my wife travel alone & return before jan'2015 (before visa got expired), will there be any risk for her if we answer RFE or COS get denied during her trip?

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