H4 shows Admin Process pending


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My wife and daughter went for visa stamping in Mumbai. Wife status shows Admin process pending and daugher's shows issued.


Case details:


H1 holder (husband i.e. me) in USA since 2012 and now have valid H1 till Apr 2015

Muslim by religion

Family was in USA from 2012 to 2013 (18 months)

H1 changes 2 employers since 2013

Has US born son of one year now

Wife, Daughter and Son went to India Sep 2013

Questions asked at Mumbai consulate this week:

What is your husband name, DOB, Marriage Love/Arranged, No. of Bros and Sis husband has


VO says your visa is processed at the end of the interview but now status shows for wife as Admin process pending, what could be the reason for this? Please help with guidance suggestions and experience in the similar matter.


Thanks!! and all the best to all pending application.... :-)

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