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I am getting married end of this year. My fiancee has already started the applying to universities for Fall 2015. She plans to accompany me on H4 visa this Dec. Since she will most likely not get an admit from any university before she moves here my doubt is ,

 If she gets an admit into a University as international student what is best option to attend school ?


1. Attend as H4, which means she wont have an option for CPT or OPT.

2. Go back to India, apply for F1 and get it stamped ?

3. Change of status from H4 to F1 and go for a stamping next time she leaves the country ?

4. The other option is to wait till she gets an admit and come to the US only by Fall 2015 ?



Any opinions will be helpful.



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First, she can study just fine on H4. In a lot of states, people on H4 can qualify for in-state tuition.

Second, forget CPT. That would be very rare, and most real universities don't do that.

Third, she can change to F1 a reasonable amount of time before graduating, so she can get OPT after graduation.

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Thank you all wonderful people for the replies. My situation is a bit tricky,


The F1 rule states that you can apply for the visa 120 days prior to the course start date which in my wife's case is March 30(the university has a quarter system rather than a semester one). The wedding is on the 6th December but since we wont be in town from the 2nd to 8th we cannot apply for Visa till we married, mind you this is not a court marriage but the traditional Hindu wedding. So here are my questions, 


1. Should I get married in court and then let her appear for Visa, in that case they consulate would as why not go on H4 but F1 ?

2. Should we not get married in court and hence she is technically not married. In case the F1 visa gets rejected we can then get married and the apply for H4 visa. The question then arises as to why did you get married in 2-3 weeks of F1 rejection ?


Any comments will be helpful.  

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