Added Wife to Green Card Process (Just before i got GC)


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Looking for some help here. Here are my case details:


My priority date was March 2009. There was a RFE for the medicals and i submitted them on Sep 1 this year. Meanwhile, i got married in June and i added my wife to the process and submitted her paper work. Recently, got my Green Card. I am not sure how my wife's green card process would be from now on ? Also, if i move to a different job in the near future, would that effect her processing by any chance.  


I need some guidance on how long it might take for her to get her GC as well. She submitted her medical report as well. Biometrics havent been done as there was no request from USCIS.


Thank you !!!



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step 1: You have to wait until you get the Receipt Notice for three applications. I-485, I-131 and I-765. 

step 2: You will get an appointment for her Biometrics. 

step 3: After Biometrics are done , wait for 5 weeks from there and she will get her EAD/AP

step 4: If your priority date March 2009 stays current then she will get her GC in 9 months. If they retro-gate the dates then she need to wait until the dates becomes current. 


Changing the job has nothing to do with her application,you are good to change as far I  know. 


Good Luck

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If the derivative spouse's case was properly filed, it will be processed as usual even after the approval of the primary's case. It can be processed, but not approved, unless the priority date is current. Thus, with retrogression in November, it will have to remain pending until the visa number becomes available again.


Job changes shortly after receiving the GC are an issue that should be discussed with an attorney. It is generally not advisable to change jobs right away, as the GC is based upon a future job offer to take effect upon approval of the GC. Sometimes, such changes are unavoidable or unplanned, so there can be different fact patterns. But, that step should not be taken without getting legal input.


As a separate option, it would be possible to file an I-130 family petition (FB2A) as an additional potential route for the spouse's GC. This would be in addition to the current EB2 derivative case, not as a replacement. She would then be eligible for GC status based upon whichever priority date became current first.

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