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Middle Name Confusion while filling i130 and i485

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I have to file i130/i485/i765 but before that I have few questions regarding my name on my passport/visa and my birth certificate or marriage certificate


Name on my Passport

Surname : mysurname  

Given Names : myfirst  mymiddle fatherfirst fathermiddle 


Name on my H1B Vissa

Surname : mysurname 

Given Names : myfirst  mymiddle fatherfirst fathermiddle 


Name on my Marriage Certificate is

Name : myfirst  mymiddle mysurname  (consist of only three words)


Name on my BirthCertificate is

Name : myfirst  mymiddle mysurname  (consist of only three words)


So my concern here is before filing all the forms should I change my given names on my passport to myfirst  mymiddle mysurname

Instead of  myfirst  mymiddle fatherfirst fathermiddle 

(which includes my fathers name currently)


In order to match with my BirthCertificate (which doesnt include my fathers name)


Because I was going through forms for i130 and i485 

They have three fields as Firstname, Middle Name and Last Name

So I was Confused where to enter what


Do I Need to Change Name on my visa and passport or uscis follow whatever is there on birthcertificate and marriage certificate



Please help in solving this query



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If first, middle, last name is asked separately - mention your first name, middle name, last name.


Dont need to change name on visa, passport.


I have also submitted my birth certificate as a part of I-485 application package, it has only my first name...I submitted 2 affidavits to substantiate the birth certificate facts...

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The name on your passport and visa can be slightly different from the one you are using in I-485. 

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