Any way to get copy of submitted DS160


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Why would you need that? Don't you know what you wrote there?


LOL. See, even that is my info, it's not like few questions to remember on top of head but anyhow i can recall it as you expect, but if i have a copy then no need to refer original docs for info when i need of, I can see all in one place.  

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No after submitting DS-160 you can only retrieve confirmation page.

You have to submit a new DS-160 if you want to make any change.

Before you submit you have an option to save DS-160 as a file, always use it, it will help you in future if you want to submit a new DS-160, you can upload all the information from this file in a new DS-160, make changes and re-submit.

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You can save PDF copy  of your application.It will give only one chance to either print or save after submitting your Application.

Look at the bottom of your confirmation page there are 3 option. 1)Print Confirmation2)Print application 3)Email confirmation



Thanks for the response, Hetas61..


I checked like you said but option 2. Print Application is got disable. not sure why??


But i got most of the info when i used create new application. I think I'm good om this

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