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Formalities after GC Approval?

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After being in US on H1B for 10 years and 6 years after applying in EB2I category, my GC was approved and delivered last month. Thanks for the helpful answers and tips in this forum.


What are the formalities after GC Approval?


1. I was told I have to inform nearest Social Security Office.

2. Send a copy of it to Employer (Already done).

3. Carry original GC with me at all times and keep a copy at home. True?


Anything else?

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Congrats in getting Green :)


1) Yes, you'll have to fill a new form and also inform them that you got your GC. They'll change the card where its mentioned "Cannot work with....." something like that.


2) Yes, good.


3) Although its mentioned on the letter, I do not carry it. I have kept the original GC at home...2 1/2 down the line...nobody asked, except the employer.



Nothing else I could think of. While renewing your DL, you'll get 10 yrs validity. 


Have a party.

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Inform Social Security. You will get a new SSN card (same number) without restrictions.

Carry the GC with you at all times (in your wallet.) That is the law.

You can make a copy for your records.

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I have never carried my green card with me. Have only been asked for it once when crossing the border into the US. If you are not the type of person who gets stopped a lot, I would keep it at home.

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