H1 approved Lca has different company address


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Hi Guys,



My H1 was approved this year in dilemma to go stamping or not.Employer has two companies same name different addresses one in Michigan other in Texas LCA filed with Michigan company and got approval from Texas company question is when i go for stamping will there be any problem or not.

where do you work?? Michigan or Texas?

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Here are details  of case LCA approved from parent company and H1 approved from sister's company.will there be any problem when i go for stamping


Shree group LLC  (LCA filed and work location is IL) Parent

Farmington MI  


Shree group LLC(797 approved and same work location IL)

houston Tx 

I am not sure whether this is possible or not. LCA by one company and H1 by another?? never heard about that.

Why not both by one company?? Does your work location matches with the location mentioned in your H1 petition??

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