Traveling overseas on OPT for a month


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I have a valid OPT, F1- VISA and I-20. I am currently working for a state university on a part time basis. I am planning to take a trip overseas and I will be away for a month. I have worked out with my employer so that my employment does not get disrupted due to this trip and my unemployment days does not increase.


1) Is  there an issue staying away for a month? I have heard somewhere that the visa officer at the port of entry can claim that since I was away for a month my training  would have been disrupted and cancel my OPT even if I have valid employment. I will be carrying letter of employment, offer letter etc.


2) Is it better to shorten my trip? If so what would be the appropriate time.


3) Is there any way I can talk to an immigration officer at the airport on my way out of the country to doublecheck if traveling on OPT for a month is OK?


I urgently seek your guidance in this matter. Thank you for your help.



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