EB1 or EB2(urgent help)


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I need urgent help requiring green card filing under EB1 category.

My company wants to file it under EB2, while I wanted to know whether I can file under EB1


Here are my details:

2003-2208: worked as scientist in DRDO India

2008-2011: MS EE in electrical engineering

           here, I published 1 Journal, 2 IEE conference papers and 1 BOOK that is textbook in leading university

  2011-2013: software engineer

  2013-now: senior DSP engineer


1)Is it possible that i could apply for EB1 with these credentials?

2) Is PHD necessary for EB1?

3) If I can get very strong recommendations, how does that help?


Thank you


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  • 11 months later...

I have a PhD with two first author publications and several hundred citations. I hold a director level position in medical communications and I am in the top pay bracket of my field. After submitting all of my paperwork to a law firm, my law firm determined that I am not a good fit for EB-1. I am now processing through EB-2.


I am telling you this because the standards are super high. Only a law firm, after carefully reviewing your evidence package (be prepared to collect an evidence package) can tell you if your particular credentials qualify. Don't let a lay person tell you, it just wastes time. 

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