H1B Validity vs H1B Receipt Notice Date. Implication on H1B Visa Stamping.


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Hello all -


My I797 shows that my H1B validity is from 02/21/2014. I started the job on 01/06/2014 after I had received the receipt notice.

I am planning to go to India, to get my H1B visa stamped and I'm trying to understand the implications, if there would be any.

1. Will this cause any issues?

2. What kind of documentation, should I carry to help me justify this?


Please help. Thank you.

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USCIS made this mistake, they usually do. Your employer / lawyer could have contacted USCIS to get this corrected.


It happened in my case too. However I didn't go to visa interview with that approval notice. However this mess up never caused any issues in subsequent H1b extensions.


As long as you have I-129 (H1b petition) showing your employer requested your start date on or before 01/06/2014, you could show that as explanation / justification.

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