H1B cap Exempt after expired and revoked.


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i got my h1b on feb 2013 and got expired on oct 2013. due to illness i havent travelled

since only i got 6 month period validity also i got in another country .so there itself

some month gone waste. i relieved from that company. 

now i plan to rejoin the company which sponsor h1b. my details.

Visa Stamped  : feb 2013

expired            : oct 2013

revoked          : dec 2013 since out from company


my status in USICS


the previous decision made on your case was revoked



my question is if i rejoin can i use my h1b under cap exempt category. some people says

it is not possible, some says it is possible. not sure please advice me on this.

eagerly waiting for your reply.



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Yes, that's possible.But you need H1 approval before you enter into US.

yes company is ready to file h1b cap exempt to get approval . but technical panel doubt is since my h1b revoked and expired am i still eligible for cap exempt. they are feeling that they can't use under  h1b cap exempt even if re join.please confirm on this based on your valuable suggestion ,   i am planning to rejoin.i could not get any correct guidance from any body in company level immigration attorney. please kindly advice on this.

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