H1b Transfer RFE , Premium Processing


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I am currently working for a company A(Small Consulting company) and got my H1-B Approved and valid till April 2016. Last month I got an offer from a company B(Big4 Consulting company) and they had initiated my H1B Visa transfer via premium processing. Unfortunately my H1B Transfer petition got an RFE and Company B Is still working on documents. Not sure what exact documents USCIS has asked for though(As company B hasn’t yet shared the details with me).
Please find more details about the petition below.
1)      How long does USCIS take to process after receiving required documents from Company B?. Sharing any Experiences/information would be appreciable.
2)      My last date with current company A is 3rd October 2014, assuming Company A will revole H1B on 3rd Octber 2014 how long i can stay after that in US without H1B  approved with Company B


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