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I had opted to file for H1B with a company in US while I am in H4 here now. They made me sign a contract which has clauses saying I am supposed to pay them damages (no amount specified) if I don't join them (it is not directly evident though). I also have to work for them for 2 years as per the contract.


Now I wont be able to serve the two years, since I have other personal problems that arised after they filed my H1. I might have to go back to India for large periods of time since my parent has health issues there. I am sure I wont be able to serve the contract. But they are threatening with with legal implications even if I don't join them? 

Do anyone have any idea about the amount they might be able to sue me if there is a lawsuit?

(They have not payed for my ticket or my stay or anything since I was on H4 and in US already)


If any of you have gone through such situation please give me guidance as to how it can be handled



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