Is Visa stamping needed in my case?


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I came to US 2 years ago with Employer A on H1B. I changed my employer and my Employer B did H1b transfer for me.

My passport has visa stamped with employer A and is valid till Sep 2015.

I will be going to India in Dec. Should I attend visa interview and get my visa stamped with employer B?

If I have to attend visa interview, how should I book for visa interview? I see in the consulate website there is a category as "Apply for non immigrant visa" -> "Appointments and Interview". I'm not sure whether stamping also comes under category of "Apply visa". Is there any specific appointment for stamping or it is the same PI that we appear during visa application?


Thanks in advance for all your replies!

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You DO NOT need to go for visa stamping again if you have valid H1B visa stamped (previous employer) in your passport.


In port of entry you have to present the valid visa (previous employer) and current H1B docs like I-797 ,employment letter etc.


You will get I-94 till the expiry of your current I-797.

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