H1 B Visa Stamping


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Hi all,


  I am planning to go for h1 b visa stamping. I had my visa stamped in canada last year but there was a change to status(h1-h4-h1) so i will need to go for stamping again. Working on EVC model.


Just wanted to see what would be the best place now for a successful stamping. I have few places in my mind(India, Mexico, Canada etc).


Please let me know


Appreciate your help



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successful stamping depends on your background and your H1 docs..not on any consulates...people pls act like professionals!


Thanks for the info... May be i didn't put in my question right........ Wanted to see which consulate has better chances..And whether i can go to Mexico or not? 


May be i am not as professional as  you..but i think finding out the information which you don't know is NOT a bad idea.


Thank you though...

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