I-140 Approved H1B Extension denied


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I am working in a large India based IT company and currently working on a project which has an end date of Dec, 2016. During my new H1B filling and even in my extension filling, my company did not submitted client letter as i am working in the Onsite development center of the company. I am with this company for last 10 years and previously working at offshore before.


My I-140 is approved but my H1B extension has been denied. Although I have not got the denial reason yet but am providing you with details and would appreciate if you can provide answers to following questions.


1. My current H1B is till Sept 30, 2014.

2. My total stay in US on L1B and H1B is not more than 5 years until Sept 30, 2014

3. I-140 got approved in May, 2014 and priority date is May, 2013.


Please let me know what are the options i have in this case.


1. Can I file an appeal for the denial.

2. If yes then what are the chances of approval.

3. If no then I believe I can file new H1B. Can I file with the same employer?

4. If yes then they will be filling for the same project. Whether it will make sense and is there any chances of approval?

5. Can a new H1B be filed while i stay in US as my I-94 is valid until Sept, 30 or I need to go back to India?


Please if you can expedite it will be really helpful.

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