Traveled to India on F1 visa and returned during H1 processing


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My wife is currently on F1 visa OPT which is good till Oct 31st 2014. She traveled to India in May after applying for H1 and returned in June during the H1b processing. One month back she received her H1b Approval. My question, does she be able to continue working after Oct 1st? or she has to leave country before Oct 1st and go to a US consulate? I also read we can amend COS. Can she able to amend her COS without going to US consulate for H1B stamping?




Any information is highly appreciated.

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Thanks jairichi and pontevecchio.


pontevecchio, she has valid F1 visa and OPT till Oct 31st 2014. Do you think still she has to go to VISA Interview 10 days before Oct 1st 2014 ?

Only if she wants to work on H1B from Oct 1st or after as due to her travel her COS part of her H1B petition is considered abandoned.

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