Administrative Processing in Chennai Aug 2014


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I am from Bangalore and I attended my H1 B visa interview on 21-Aug-2014 in Chennai. Below are the details.


OFC - 20-Aug-2014

Interivew - 21-Aug-2014 @7:30 am.


The VO asked me 4-5 simple questions and gave me blue slip saying additional Administrative Processing is required. He asked me for the client letter and I mentioned that I didn't have one as it was against client's policy to issue letters to their vendors. But then I gave him all the other documents like Master Service Agreement, Work Package and Purchase Order related to the client and project.


The VO also collected my other docs like I-797, I-129 and LCA before putting my visa on Administrative Processing and gave my passport back.


I have visited the same client 4 times before on B1 for business meetings, my L1 for the same client was rejected last year and now after all the lottery, I was very positive that my H1 would also be approved immediately as it was for the same client. Now, I am very disappointed to hear the word Administrative Processing.


I am also not exactly sure what they would do in this process and how long it would take?


Can somebody tell me about what my chances are in getting my H1 B visa approved and also how long it might approximately like, please?


Also, I now have an immediate meeting with one of the boss from the client and I need to be in the US for 2 weeks in September. Can somebody tell me how safe would it be to travel on B1 now? Also, what if I go to the US now and then they tell me to submit my passport? How much time will I then have to submit the passport to get my visa stamped.


Appreciate your reply. Thanks! 

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