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Hi Guys,


My PD is: EB2 India Sep 2008 and my date has been currnet since Aug 1 2014. My case has been in "Testing and Interview" status from last 3 months and finally I got the interview call for tomorrow. I spoke to my company's Immigration attorney and they said they might NOT have an attorney available to join me at the interview as it was such a short notice and I agree. I got the letter on Thursday evening for Monday interview.


Anyways, I got all the supporting documents but noticed one thing that my petition (140 and 485) has my position title as "Senior IT Architect" and my company internally changed the description of the position titles now to be more standardized for all bands in all divisions, and my employment verification letter now shows "Senior Managing Consultant". I'm still on the same band and same position and have same responsibilities but the description is changed internally on the HR systems. Would this cause any issues? Please share your experience.







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Since you have an Interview you should have no problem being approved in the few minutes she or he talks to you. I doubt you will have trouble. Do not volunteer any information. 1. The responsibilities are the same. 2. They would have sent an RFE and not an interview letter if things were not kosher. Let us know. The Interview for EB cases is quite rare and even then a formality in most cases.

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Thanks guys. You were right, the interview was a breeze and they gave me the approval letter right after the interview. After couple of days, my status online changed to Decision/approved and I did get the welcome notice (I-485 approval in mail). On aug 27, the status changed to Card / Document production. Until last night it was in Card Document Production and today it again shows Decision/Approved. I called the USCIS helpdesk but they read the same info as online. Do you know from your experience if this has happened to someone where the stauts went from Card/Document production to Decision/Approved? I already got the approval/welcome notice, so not sure why it shows again. Thanks for your help guys.



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