Successful stamping at Jamaica on August 18th


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Hi Folks,



Thank you murthy forum, you have been very helpful. I would like to share my visa interview experience.

Before I start, I would like to say everyone only one thing BE CONFIDENT and have all your documents with you.



Me: Good Morning, How are you?

VO: Fine. How are you? Can I see your W2 and LCA. Why do you have 2 W2's

VO: Where did you go for school? What did you study?

VO: How long are you working for this employer? What is your role?

VO: When did you graduate?

VO: Did you ever had any immigration problems?

VO: When are you flying? 

Me: Friday

VO: Come and get your passport on Wednesday after 2:00 pm


I saw 5-8 other people who appeared at the same day. All got approved. Tuesday 5-7 people attended. All got approved. 


Heard a lot about Reid for airport pick up and all. DO NOT contact him. Reid has started taking advantage of people coming for H1. Reid is charging more and his driver is the worst. Don't reply on him as he never send taxi on time (I have a friend who waited for taxi for 20 mins on interview day). There are many good taxi services City guide and On Time (I know these 2). Taxi service is very nice, you just need to dial and they will send the taxi within 5-10 mins, you can also check the rates with them over phone, so you won't end up paying more. 


Traveling and staying in Kingston, Jamaica

 - The Liguanea Club (Nice location)

 - Pushpa Indian Restaurant (Best food) - just across Embassy. They also have delivery service

 - Empire Super Market (groceries) (Lane Plaza) - 3-4 mins walking distance from Embassy

 - For print/copy - There is once pharmacy which has photo service (across Empire Super Market)

 - Places to visit - Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Lime Cay



Good luck to everyone!!

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Thanks for sharing your experience, Keyur!

I'm visiting Jamaica in few weeks and have contacted Reid. Can you please contact me and share more about your experience? My email address is in my profile, also my Murthy username is my gmail address. Please share your contact info. Thanks!

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