Bring wife to the USA during Cap-Gap


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My OPT term (12 months) expires 05/20/2015. My employer would have applied for my H1-B by then, but would have to wait till 1st October 2015 for my F1 to change to H1-B. Of course I would have applied for STEM extension to cover the cap-gap (between 05/20/2015 to 10/01/2015).


Context: I plan to get married in 2015 (first half) and bring my wife to USA with me on F-2.


My questions are:


1) Is it advisable to get married (and reach USA) before 05/20/2015?


2)                     (i) Can I get married in the Cap-Gap and bring her here on F-2?


                        (ii) Is travel outside the USA in Cap Gap advisable (assuming my H1-B petition is successful and I have been notified already)?


                         (iii) Are the chances of getting F-2 statistically dimmer if my wife applies during my Cap-Gap?


3) Has anybody faced a similar problem? Personal experiences are welcome.


Request: Please answer as per the numbering so that it doesn't get confusing for me.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your response.


1. Marriage has nothing to do with your status in US.


- I was asking if getting the F-2 visa would be easier for my wife if I reached before 05/20/2015. Does having just about a month left on my first term of OPT (12 months) cause any problems at the immigration on my POE to the USA. 


2. Better to bring your wife on H4 if your H1B is approved.


- I do not want to leave her back in India for 5 months, would rather prefer bringing her along with me.

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